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on January 4, 2017

So this really cool thing happened to me a couple months ago. I was approached by BestFoodTampa (My Fab 5 if you are familiar with that) to be one of their community leaders. What did I say? Heck YES. So be sure to follow along find on Instagram as I (along with a couple others) find YOUR foodie photos to feature the local restaurants in Tampa Bay. Part of the role includes going to restaurants + events on their behalf so I’m sharing my first experience at Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen with you here on the blog… Enjoy!

I don’t often find myself wanting to go restaurants in or around malls but I can admit that International Plaza is the exception in large part due to one of it’s newest additions on Bay Street: Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen. The menu is full of both salads, burgers + sandwiches all as equally mouth watering. After a thorough review of the menu and a few in depth discussions with dining partner Sara at It’s All To Taste we finally settled on a variety of items, none of which disappointed.

Oven Roasted Chicken Wings at Doc B's Fresh Kitchen

Oven Roasted Chicken Wings with Chimichurri + Parmesan


Crazy Beautiful + Our French Martini

As a starter, we chose the oven roasted chicken wings. They were covered with fresh chimichurri + parmesan, a winning combo in my book. What I loved about these is that they were perfectly crispy and didn’t have all the breading you typically get with wings. All that combined with the fact that they blew any other fried wing out of the water. A great start the meal indeed.

Doc B’s is also known for their martinis so naturally I had to order one. I went with the Crazy Beautiful made with vodka, elderflower, spiced pear and served sparkling. It was refreshing and not overly sweet plus it had an amazing floral scent to it. I also loved the effervescence of the sparkling wine.

Brussel Sprouts salad with side of #1 Tuna at Doc B's Fresh Kitchen

Brussel Sprouts salad with side of #1 Tuna (flown in from Hawaii fresh every morning – Whaaat)

There were many lovely sounding salads to choose from but the Brussel Sprouts salad was screaming to me. This is likely because I can’t get enough of brussels sprouts these days especially when freshly shaved in a salad (why did they get such a bad rap when we were kids?!) The other main green component in this salad is kale. Now you may not think you like kale but I’m telling you with the right dressing the superfood everyone loves to hate can really shine. The parmigiona reggiano vinaigrette was creamy and the crunchy marcona almonds really made this lovely salad stand out.

Now once we were told the #1 Tuna was flown in fresh from Hawaii every morning – yes, EVERY morning – I knew that I had to try it. So, I added a side of the seared ahi tuna to the salad and let me tell you GOOD decision. It went so well with the flavors of the salad and the mix of the greens, plump cherry tomatoes and fresh tuna all paired perfectly with one another. Plus, I still had room to try more delicious items from the menu.

Dragon Burger at Doc B's Fresh Kitchen

Dragon Burger with Coleslaw


Dragon Burger – Juicy, Spicy + Delish

The Dragon burger is no joke. It’s stacked high with a Giardiniera slaw + crispy leeks with a habanero-honey BBQ sauce and a slice of monterey jack cheese all assembled on a sesame bun. The burger was juicy and the topping crunchy plus it had the perfect kick to it (meaning not that spicy – I’m a wus!). You get to choose one side and I went with more kale because duh. I loved the creamy dressing so much. You also have the option to order fries, hand-cut sweet potato fries (I tried those, too – YUM) or quinoa salad.

I highly recommend checking out Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen in Tampa. The atmosphere is great for a group of friends and family or if you want to go out to watch your favorite sports teams. Currently, there are locations in Chicago and Tampa with more due to open. I will also add that we saw celebrity Chef Robert Irvine star on Food Network dining with his wife Gail Kim just a few tables over. So you may also spot a celebrity or two while you are there enjoying a great meal!

If you get the chance to check out Doc B’s, please comment below and let me know how you liked it! Until next time, friends…

Please note: The meals featured in this post were compliments of Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen in exchange for writing this blog post and featuring their photos on Best Food Tampa. All opinions are my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen.

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