Posted on July 22, 2016

Local Baysics About

Chances are you’ve discovered this blog through our shared love of food, travel, or living a healthy life filled with lotsa yoga and beer. If not, now you know a little bit more about me. 

Once dulled by an unfulfilled career as a CPA, I decided to stop complaining and instead focus my energy on living a more creative life. Thus, this blog was born…

Now my mission is to find new ways to be my happiest self by maintaining a balanced life and bettering my mind through self-healing. I do this through sharing my particular journey of life with you.

While you’re here expect to find foodie destinations, travel guides (with an emphasis on “living like a local”) and tips on living a more holistic life most of the time.

At some point in my life, I had neither the time nor money to travel. Over time, one came without the other and vice versa. So I made a decision to not be complacent and explore the surroundings of the city and culture around me. So you’ll also see a lot about my lovely city St. Petersburg, FL, nicknamed The Sunshine City (part of Tampa Bay).

When I’m not writing and sharing content online, you will likely find me at a local brewery sipping on an IPA in the company of my beau and beloved Heeler fur baby, Koa (see photo above).

If this little synopsis of my life spoke to you even a little, I ask that you stick around. There’s lots more to come…

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